I Guarantee satisfaction or there no charge, I can Unlock and Jailbreak any iPhone (2G,3G,3Gs,4) and install any apps. (Yes, I can tell when you try to get another device modded that you didn’t bring, using S/N that iTunes records.)

To wrap it up most people pay $20 and get

-Cydia and or Rock

-Installous (FREE apps, I don’t charge for install)

-dTunes/Mewseek (FREE music, like iTunes but free)

-Unlock (Any Sim, without requirement to plug into iTunes for activation)

-Free tethering to any of your devices like iTouch/iPad/PSP/DSi etc… $5 – iPhone Unlock, I unlock ANY iPhone on ANY FIRMWARE under 4.1

Why come to me? 4.2.1 is a trap all jailbreaks on 4.2.1 are teathered
4.1 – 4.2 Unlock for 3G/3Gs Available! Thanks for Reading my Ad. Cell Phone Number

FACETIME Enabled Number, I can show you the basics to FaceTime or even tech support


If you call from a Caller ID blocked number don’t expect me to pick up, if I don’t pick up, leave me a voicemail or text me. I DON’T reply to recent calls to often so your best bet for a call back is voicemail, thanks. Don’t go to Mall Unlocking “Professionals” they always will screw up your phone, I have had a customer tell me his phone broken by them multiple times and spent so much $$$ on 1 unlock. DON’T UPDATE!! (Answering the Questions of some Jailbreakers)

-I don’t charge $10 for apps like some people.(All apps free install, TomTom is also free, size of file is NO EXCUSE FOR CHARGING MORE, <I have noticed people have copied me)

-I don’t charge $50 for a Jailbreak + Unlock

-I don’t charge $20 to tether a data network to a iPad or iTouch or other devices

-I am very knowledgeable of the iPhone I test beta/final apps on my iDevices to make sure you don’t screw up your iPhone after Jailbreak

-I allow texting and instant message for tech supports for instant response, I am always up to date with the newest hacking news

-I also help setup your email, on your Devices

-You can wait at my HOUSE, not apartment or coffee shop and will take about 10-20 minutes

-I fix iTunes errors, forgotten passcode locks, free with service or $5

-I install and Jailbreak/Unlock iOS 4

-I don’t only just hack the iDevices I also hack Wii, DSi, and PSP what other Unlocker says this? NONE, that’s how you know I am very serious about what I do. (4.2.1 is still a teathered jailbreak)
I would just like to point out I charge $15 for Jailbreak and $20 for Jailbreak+Unlock nothing more, I install apps free even TomTom, and I dont charge to enable 3G FaceTime on iP4, I am the cheapest and most trusted in Surrey. iPhone 4 Jailbreaking and Unlocking now available!! (from iPhone / iPad 3G, now works on 4.0)

-WinterBoard (Themes and Customizing Apps, working on 4.0)

-Backgrounder (multitasking)

and much more…. All Jailbreaks are Untethered, it takes from 15-30 minutes and you can wait at my house while I jailbreak it. and maybe give even less then whats on this list. These services are available too, PSP, iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Wii


I install iOS 4, Jailbreak and Unlock. -Free Re-mods (2 free, 3 one I charge), for the exact device you came with. I know of many people that haven’t listened and went to the mall for convenience, DON’T the people at the mall are untrained and are not professionals as they say they are, taking your iPhone to a mall for unlock is like paying them to lock it up perminatly. iDroid Installation $5 – Run Android on your iPhone 3G (No 3GS/4) and use Android apps not available on iPhone, Works on iOS 4 and is fully functional!! (you can ask me if I can do something most likely I can)

This all for $20, other Unlockers charge about $60+ just for this… I hope to get a call from you. $15 – iPhone/iPod/iPad Jailbreak, Includes Installous ,Cydia or Rock and any other apps you want. Isn’t that what craigslist is for? I only charge $15-$20, and if the jailbreak/unlock stops working after a while I will fix for free, I also include a bunch of other stuff like setting up your email/voicemail to your iphone, apps and etc

iPhone/iTouch/iPad/PSP Modding by ~ClaytonMods~

Modding a PSP/iPad/iPhone/iTouch is EXTREMELY useful. -Sure some modders have bought websites domains to advertise there prices, why?

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